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This is my WoW hunter (minus the pauldrons).

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「蓝」/「弦小丟」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

Happy birthday, Rowan



But guys, no, listen. 

The reason Aggra is able to go fight with Thrall is because as soon as she steps within line of sight of Draka and Durotan with the kids the whole of Wor’gol just explodes into AMG BABBIES. Cause the Frostwolves are 100% about the “It takes a clan village to raise a child” and there’s not a lot of babies around cause Thunderlords and they live in a fucking tundra so people are coming out of the woodwork to give/loan them shit like blankets and toys and clothes and snuggly little carriers and old couples offering to babysit while they go out and punch Iron Horde douchebag face in cause lets face it these babies are gonna have about 43354 grandparents and their actual grandparents are the fucking worst about spoiling them and they are only possibly seconded by Uncle Ga’nar - angry aggressive asshole Ga’nar who loves to sit and watch them and sharpen his axes and explain to them the best way to cleave a Thunderlord’s face off and is a giant two year old in armor who loves to play horsie and play wrestle with them and brings wolf pups over for them to play with despite Aggra telling him for the hundredth time NO. 

Just, guys. 

Frostwolf babies. 

This is beautiful.

Am now picturing grandparent squabbles over who gets to babysit, and even lies being formulated to get Aggra and Thrall out of the area so the clan can have the babies to themselves.

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me before posting something on tumblr: no that could offend someone





Claws of Shirvallah new level 100 Feral Druid talent with an alternate Cat Form model for each race

Survival Guide for Non-ISTPs →

If you ask an ISTP how (s)he is, and you get an answer “I was having some trouble, but it’s all right now” - that is, short pieces of random information, conveying no clearly understandable message - it’s an interest check. ISTPs don’t like talking to walls, which is why the wall, you, is…

One question you really don’t need to ask an ISTP.


You wanna know what it is? Ok here goes: “How are you doing?”

Yep. I mean I can’t speak for every ISTP out there, but for me, I really dread this question. Why? (Yes I see you Intuitives buzzing frantically with unanswered meaning.) Well honestly because I simply don’t keep tabs on how I’m doing. I keep tabs on what I’m doing, but how I’m doing is a very difficult question to fully answer because there are so many levels to it.


I once heard an ENTJ accuse that ISTPs are the type most likely to think they are concise, but also the most likely to never give you a direct answer. 

Well, this is because an ISTP is going to reflect your projected level of specificity. If you ask me a general question, I am going to give you a general answer.

"What’s America like?"


General question, general answer.

"Should I take an umbrella with me?"

"Yes. (It’s not raining right now but was five minutes ago and it looks like it’s getting nasty again so yes you’ll probably want an umbrella.)" 

Specific question, specific answer.

As an Introverted Thinker I am focused on relevance of information and in conveying that information in the most concise way possible. 

So you ask me as an ISTP, “How are you?” and I’ll mostly likely give you a blank stare because it is both general and specific. 

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I hate this question so much - it manages to be so many things I dislike, all at once: it’s a form of small talk, the person either doesn’t actually care how I’m doing OR has an creepy-invasive interest in knowing about my daily schedule, and I can never answer it properly.

I resort to stock responses “I’m doing well” or “I’m fine” — but it leaves a bad feeling and it’s stressful putting on an act and saying “what’s expected” for the sake of not totally ruining a conversation.

ISTP: Just Do It! →


The following is an article that I found about ISTPs. From the viewpoint of an ISTP I can say this is very accurate.

Here’s the link:

The ISTP is frequently misunderstood and often underestimated. Though very…